Welcome to the Canterbury West Coast Wood Council Forestry Awards

Recognising and celebrating excellence amongst the skilled workforce of our region.

The Canterbury West Coast Wood Council Forestry Awards provides a collective voice for the forestry sector in Canterbury and the West Coast of the South Island. This newly formed Council is proud to announce the inaugural forestry awards 19 August 2022.

The key objectives in having these awards are to benefit the region’s forestry industry in several exciting ways, namely:

  • To attract skilled employees to the region as valued forest industry players
  • To up skill and lift the standard of the skill base of the forestry workforce
  • To provide an opportunity for the CWCWC’s forest industry to celebrate its skilled professionals
  • To unite industry players
  • To create a healthy and challenging competition amongst the industry

We encourage businesses within the industry to become involved in this exciting event. It is important that we all share the vision to recognise skilled professionals, applaud them and create a desire to continue to lift the profile of forestry in the Canterbury and West Coast region.

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Erica Kinder

Canterbury West Coast Wood Council
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